The Next Generation of Philanthropy

Meet Our Clients

LOHAS works with many impact investment funds delivering innovative solutions to amplify their fundraising efforts. Here are some of our nonprofit clients that support impact funds:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Advancing Equality Impact Fund
The Advancing Equality Impact Fund is determined to become a leader in advancing Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) through the use of data analytics methodology to advance and measure DEI in Corporate America.
Changing Capital Flow for Communities of Color
Ally Capital Collab Endowment
Ally Capital collaborates with four other funds to solve the problem of under-investment in BIPOC female VC fund managers and inclusive entrepreneurs through a variety of specific initiatives. They’re changing the trajectory for the economy through training, capacity building, technical assistance, and direct investment into funds committed to investing in inclusive entrepreneurs.

Environmentally Impactful

Caribbean Basin Endowment Fund
This Fund supports and invests in socially and environmentally impactful projects in the Caribbean Basin while ensuring good governance.

Amplifying Diverse Voices with SIE

Wocstar Foundation
Wocstar is changing the future of finance, entrepreneurship, media and Social Impact Entertainment (SIE) by amplifying the diverse voices of Women of Color by providing entrepreneurial training, technical assistance, inclusive storytelling, and direct funding for inclusive projects.

Improving Human Health and Sustainability

VIP Legacy Philanthropic Fund
This fund provides resources to entrepreneurs who work to create social and/or environmental impact on the world through solutions focused on improving human health or a clean, just, sustainable planet.

Closing the Racial Wealth Gap

Endowment Commons
Endowment Commons is working to close the racial wealth gap and break down barriers to financial freedom for minorities by investing in minority businesses and related organizations. They believe that eradicating the racial wealth gap will solve the socio-economic issues that plague minority communities in the U.S.

Working To Save the Planet

Reboot Impact Fund
Reboot Impact fund is focused on climate crisis and unlocking a better future through consumer-based education, sustainable tech and food, recycled material, and renewable energy. It’s seizing on opportunities that generate a measurable beneficial social and environmental impact.

Supporting Clean Tech and Life Sciences

Oklahoma Foundation for Unleashing the Startup Ecosystem (FUSE)
FUSE supports entrepreneurs, small business owners, and local economies of Oklahoma and surrounding states with a focus on life sciences, cleantech, and other advanced technologies.