Direct Your Impact

Women care about more than just returns. We seek impact.

A LOHAS Donor-Advised Fund empowers you to define yours.

Do Your Investments Reflect Your Values?

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Concerned that you’re not using your tax-deductible contributions in a meaningful, sustainable way?
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Excited about exploring investments that have impact but are concerned about financial risk?
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Want to maximize support for investments pursuing specific themes like diversity, education, or sustainability?

A Simple, Effective Path to Become an Impact Investor

With a LOHAS Donor-Advised Fund (“DAF”), you can create lasting change
using your tax-advantaged, risk-free philanthropic capital.

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Unlock your charitable donations and define the type of lasting impact you want to make. You decide, we facilitate.
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The LOHAS team is your impact advocate. We work with you to review investment options that reflect your specific interests and passions.
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Want to invest at the intersection of gender and tech? Help fund a diversity-focused entertainment production? We don’t limit you with investment menus or minimums.

With a LOHAS DAF You Can…

Participate in a women’s investor group, using your LOHAS DAF funds not only to invest in group deals but also pay membership fees.
Invest your LOHAS DAF funds in one or more impact investment funds that focus on innovations in women’s health and well-being.
Teach your children or young mentees how to invest by involving them in impact investing activities using your DAF funds.

Make Your Impact Now

Whether your charitable donations are sitting in a DAF at a financial institution (such as Fidelity, Schwab, or Vanguard) or you need to set up a new DAF, LOHAS will help you take meaningful action to invest your tax-deductible philanthropic capital and create lasting change.

Start your DAF application today, or contact us to learn more.