The Next Generation
of Impact

Our Vision

LOHAS is dedicated to supporting and enabling for-profit impact investing with an understanding that impact investments need not be concessionary but can (and should) deliver market-rate returns. It is our belief that impact investments are best suited to solve the environmental and social problems we face in a sustainable fashion versus the traditional nonprofit donation model, and we deliver tools and strategies to make this vision possible.


Client Voices

With LOHAS I created a fund focusing on providing quality recourses to remove areas. – Philip T.

I’m interested in expanding diveristy in the workforce – LOHAS helps me support that. – Margaret W.

I have fought for the environment for many years. I’m happy that my wealth is invested in the causes I care about most. – John S.


“LOHAS” is a market segmentation term that stands for “Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability” and refers to that portion of the population that aspires to a healthier and more socially and environmentally conscious way of life and makes investment and buying decisions accordingly.




Health refers not only to the life sciences and health and wellness but also mental health and, notably, the social equity inherent in a healthy society.


Sustainability clearly has positive environmental connotations while also denoting the underlying benefits of impact investment (versus traditional nonprofit donation) and generating financial returns which enable enduring, sustainable achievement.