Pursue Profit with Purpose

A LOHAS DAF allows your philanthropic capital to generate both impact and financial returns.

Donor-Advised Funds are the Fastest Growing Philanthropic Tool.

You put your charitable donations into a tax-advantaged fund, grow that capital, and deploy it to make an impact on the issues you care about. For impact investors, there’s no better way to put tax-advantaged capital to work in a meaningful, sustainable way. But…

Most DAFs don’t allow donors to invest in for-profit ventures even if their impact profile is large. It’s too restricting.

Over $250 billion in DAF funds end up in traditional investment vehicles failing to achieve donors’ intended impact goals.

Even DAFs that allow impact investing often limit the investments that can be made or require minimum investment amounts. You know what you care about.

With a LOHAS DAF There are No Menus, No Minimums.

You’re in charge of where to deploy your impact capital, and our experts can help guide you.

Freedom to Make an Impact

A LOHAS DAF is unique. You’re empowered to direct your tax-deductible funds as you wish in ways that aren’t available with traditional DAFs.

Expand beyond charity and nonprofits to include for-profit investments with an impact focus. Generate financial returns while making an impact.

Freedom of choice. From solar startups to documentaries on social issues, put capital to work to support causes you care about without restrictions.

Tap into our team’s impact investment expertise across a variety of sectors – from initial setup to strategy and even deal sourcing. We guide, you decide.

It’s easy to transfer your existing DAF or start a new one. One of our team will be happy to answer any questions and get you set up.

Every Donor is Unique. Your Investing Tool Should be Too.

We’re Here to Help

New to impact investing? Our team is here to guide you from set up or DAF transfer, to establishing your investment strategy, to deal sourcing and reporting.

Have Questions About a DAF? See Our FAQs Page or Get in Touch Today to Learn More.

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