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Persistent Problems Require Innovative Solutions

If you’re working to change the world for good and believe that philanthropy should be delivered more than as a passive charitable donation, we have an innovative approach for philanthropic contributions. LOHAS empowers parties to use donated capital for for-profit impact investing (no matter the cause, amount being invested, or type of investment) to help solve environmental and social problems while seeking market-rate financial returns.

Advancing Equality Impact Fund
Ally Capital Collab Endowment
Caribbean Basin Endowment Fund
WOCstar Foundation
VIP Legacy Philanthropic Fund
Endowment Commons
BeDoWin360 Capital to Communities Program
Reboot Impact Fund
Oklahoma Foundation for Unleashing the Startup Ecosystem
GEDI Foundation
8 LatinX Foundation
New Future Foundation

Not Your Parent’s Charity

Real, Sustainable Impact

LOHAS is a team of experienced impact investment professionals who offer tax-deductible pathways through Impact Investing and Impact Fundraising to achieve greater outcomes through sustainable models. Dedicated to supporting and enabling for-profit impact investing, LOHAS believes that these types of investments are best suited to solve the environmental and social problems we face as compared to the traditional nonprofit donation model, and we deliver innovative tools and strategies to make that vision possible. Learn More About Us

Most donor-advised funds (“DAFs”) don’t allow donors to invest their funds in for-profit impact ventures (or in the entity and amounts of their choice). Funds are normally dispersed as generalized charitable donations, which may help with immediate challenges but don’t support specific sustainable solutions. LOHAS empowers donors to use their tax-deductible funds as they wish to achieve sustained positive change in issues of social and environmental concern. Learn More

Through the LOHAS Fiscal Sponsor Program (“FSP”), impact ventures may immediately take in investment capital via tax-attractive donations from a variety of contributors while also ensuring that the expanded fundraising story is developed and shared in the most compelling manner. Whether you’re an impact fund, company, project, or social impact entertainment production focused on delivering positive social or environmental change, LOHAS delivers alternative investment structures and strategies to accelerate the flow of capital to your impactful pursuits. Learn More



Investor/Donor Support

LOHAS supports the impact investing needs of investors and their advisors, helping develop or evaluate: market trends (to educate and determine optimal areas of focus); investment portfolio strategy (to set the direction for the initiative); investment types (to establish parameters for deal identification); and alternative investment strategies (to leverage overlooked or under-utilized resources more effectively). Learn More

Client Voices

With LOHAS I created a fund focusing on providing quality resources to remote areas. - Philip T.
I'm interested in expanding diversity in the workforce--LOHAS helps me support that. - Margaret W.
I have fought for the environment for many years. I'm happy that my wealth is invested in the causes I care about most. - John S.

Have lots of questions about impact investing or impact fundraising? You’ve come to the right place.

Impact Investing:

  • Does LOHAS work with investment, wealth, and tax advisors to support clients’ impact investing through donor-advised funds?
  • If I already have a private foundation, can I still set up a DAF?

Impact Fundraising:

  • Can investors/donors in a LOHAS fiscal sponsor program obtain financial returns?
  • Can the FSP also issue grants or serve other charitable purposes beyond just investing in an impact venture?

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