Expand your Fundraising Toolbox

A LOHAS FSP delivers nonprofits that invest in for-profit impact ventures.

LOHAS Fiscal Sponsor Program

Raising funds for a company, fund, project, or entertainment production with an impact purpose is difficult even in the best market. Most teams are deep experts on the issue they’re trying to solve but not in fundraising. LOHAS helps you achieve your impact fundraising goal by accessing philanthropic capital with flexibility and expert guidance.

With a LOHAS FSP, you have another tool in your fundraising toolbox and LOHAS’ expert support in using it.

Access More Capital, Deliver Greater Impact

With a LOHAS FSP in your fundraising toolkit, you gain several advantages:


Raise funds from a wide variety of sources, including individuals, families, foundations, and corporations.

Simplicity and Immediacy

We handle the 501(c)(3) setup and help you avoid wasted time. Fundraising can begin at inception.

Uniquely Innovative

LOHAS stays on top of the latest developments to offer the most innovative philanthropic fundraising options for impact ventures.

Set up your own FSP and add another tool to your fundraising toolbox. One of our team will be happy to answer any questions and help you get started today.

As you raise capital, we’re there to help with:

Training and Advice

Raising philanthropic capital is different from traditional fundraising. We guide you through the unique aspects of securing this new source of funds.

Third-party Administration

Our administrator is there to handle receipts and disbursement of funds, tax documentation, state and federal compliance, accounting, and reporting.

Messaging & Communications

We help you communicate with this new philanthropic audience, including guidance on donor and grant engagement, to make it easier for you to raise charitable capital.

Explore the Many Impact Investing Options in the LOHAS Portfolio

Our clients touch every corner of the social and environmental impact ecosystem:


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Have Questions About a LOHAS FSP? See Our FAQs Page or Get In Touch Today to Learn More.

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