Amplify your Foundation Grantmaking

LOHAS unlocks philanthropic funding to invest impactfully alongside private capital.

The Next Generation of Grantmaking

There is insufficient capital invested in impact ventures (directly or through funds) to address our challenges effectively and sustainably, and grantmakers lack efficient mechanisms to deploy capital into the impact investing ecosystem easily.

LOHAS enables foundations to make grants that are invested in impact companies and funds with the goal of producing financial leverage and increased net investment toward relevant causes.

Support Market-Based Impact Solutions at Scale

With LOHAS as your foundation’s partner, you gain several advantages:

Speed & Simplicity

No need to make a program-related investment. Grantmakers can quickly activate their capital in mission-aligned impact ventures.

Access to Returns

Through our recoverable grant, foundations will not only amplify their impact but also participate in the financial returns from the grant funds invested.


Maximize the catalytic power of grant funding by providing critical investment capital or supporting the impact venture’s most essential needs.

Amplify your foundation’s grantmaking by investing in impact companies and funds that more effectively and sustainably support your mission. 

As you craft your foundation’s grantmaking strategy, we can provide you:

Easy Access

Tap into efficient mechanisms to easily deploy capital into the impact investing ecosystem and address the world’s greatest challenges.

A Pathway to Reinvestment

Capture the financial returns from the companies and funds in which your grants are invested so your capital can continue to support the mission.

A Deep Menu of Options

Tell us the impact venture in which you would like to have your grant funds invested or select one of LOHAS’ many client impact investment funds.

Explore the Many Impact Investing Options in the LOHAS Portfolio

Our clients touch every corner of the social and environmental impact ecosystem:


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Inclusive Economic Growth

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Diversity Ventures

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Chloe Circle

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Have questions about using grants to make impact investments? Get in touch to learn more.

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