Breakthrough Approach Allows Grant-Making Institutions to Generate Financial Returns While Increasing Their Impact

Boyd Street Ventures announces novel use of recoverable grants allowing foundations to powerfully amplify their results

NORMAN, OK, UNITED STATES, February 6, 2024 / Street Ventures (BSV) is inviting corporate and private foundations and other grant-making organizations to take advantage of an innovative use of recoverable grants that generates not only significant impact but healthy financial returns. This represents a remarkably effective way to amplify a foundation’s grant-making capabilities and results.

BSV is a minority-owned venture capital firm that makes early-stage and follow-on investments in promising under-the-radar companies based in Oklahoma or with Oklahoma connections. The Boyd Street Endowment Fund is a 501(c)(3) with a mission to support venture-backed businesses led by founders who are minorities, females, and socially or economically disadvantaged individuals (SEDI), particularly those whose revenue and job growth will benefit the Oklahoma economy. The Endowment is supported by LOHAS, an impact investing advisory firm that enables the investment of philanthropic capital into for-profit impact ventures that deliver sustainable solutions to social and environmental challenges.

Using the process shepherded by LOHAS, corporate and private foundations can now add a powerful dimension to their grant-making by making recoverable grants to the Boyd Street Endowment Fund and generating not only measurable impact, but – unlike most charitable contributions – meaningful financial returns. These returns are truly sustainable because they can either flow back to the foundation or – at the foundation’s election – can be reinvested by BSV in its next round of impact investments. As an example, OGE Energy Corp. Foundation recently made a recoverable grant to the Boyd Street Endowment and had the grant invested into BSV’s Fund I. This made the Foundation the first major grant-making institution to support BSV through this novel, tax-advantaged approach that champions minority-, female- and SEDI-led businesses, promotes job and economic growth in the state of Oklahoma, and sets the stage for sustainable returns.

“We encourage any corporate or private foundation interested in a uniquely sustainable approach to expanding its impact, supporting underserved founders, and promoting Oklahoma’s economic growth to explore this novel opportunity,” said James Spann, BSV Founder & General Partner. “And with the support of LOHAS, we can ensure that the entire process will be both highly efficient and truly game-changing.”

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