VIP Legacy Philanthropic Fund

Learn more about our client, VIP Legacy Philanthropic Fund, and the impact they’re making.

Mission Statement

The mission of VIP Legacy Philanthropic Fund is to provide resources supporting the endeavors of entrepreneurs and their emerging companies as they work to create positive social and/or environmental impact in the world through their solutions that focus on improving human health or a clean, just and sustainable planet.

Supported Impact Ventures

In furtherance of its mission, VIP Legacy Philanthropic Fund supports:

Vector Point

VectorPoint Ventures is a seed through early growth stage purpose-driven impact venture firm and advisory team. Motivated to make a positive difference in the world through its work, VectorPoint’s team launched VectorPoint Impact Partners L.P. to fund and accelerate emerging companies that are addressing some of society’s most pressing challenges.

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Grants or distributions accepted from:
Individuals • Corporations • Donor-Advised Funds • Foundations
Retirement Accounts • Charitable Trusts

Donate any asset with established or appraisable value, such as:
Stocks • Bonds • Real Estate • Collectibles • Art
Cryptocurrency • Privately Held Business Interests


Support the Mission

VIP Legacy Philanthropic Fund accepts cash contributions from individuals and companies; grants and distributions from donor-advised funds, foundations, and charitable trusts; and anything with established or appraisable value, including cryptocurrency, real estate, stocks, bonds, privately held business interests, and collectible art.

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