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Mission Statement

The mission of WOMO Foundation is to build a more inclusive and prosperous tomorrow in which diverse capital fuels diverse solutions, unlocking opportunities for wealth generation and societal advancement.

Supported Impact Ventures

In furtherance of its mission, WOMO Foundation supports:

Alternative Wealth Partners

Alternative Wealth Partners is breaking the mold of Private Equity – making alternatives accessible, understandable, & profitable for real people. It is the only millennial, LGBTQ, female solo-founded private equity firm focused exclusively on alternative assets. Alternative Wealth Partners maintains a diversified portfolio of investments across five industries and asset classes, and over 60% of its limited partners are Women and/or Minority investors.

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Alternative Wealth Partners Launches Second Fund Targeting $150M for Energy, Manufacturing, Real Estate, and Infrastructure Projects

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Grants or distributions accepted from:
Individuals • Corporations • Donor-Advised Funds • Foundations
Retirement Accounts • Charitable Trusts

Donate any asset with established or appraisable value, such as:
Stocks • Bonds • Real Estate • Collectibles • Art
Cryptocurrency • Privately Held Business Interests


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WOMO Foundation accepts cash contributions from individuals and companies; grants and distributions from donor-advised funds, foundations, and charitable trusts; and anything with established or appraisable value, including cryptocurrency, real estate, stocks, bonds, privately held business interests, and collectible art.

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