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FAQs: LOHAS and Its Partners

Q: Who is LOHAS?
A:  LOHAS is a thought leader in the impact investing strategic advisory arena. Supporting investors and donors (including corporations, foundations, family offices, and individual investors and their advisors) as well as impact ventures (from funds to companies, projects, and entertainment productions), LOHAS works to champion alternative investment structures and strategies to accelerate and amplify the flow of capital to socially and environmentally impactful pursuits.

Q: Who is LOHAS’s designated DAF and FSP administration partner?
A:  Legacy Global.

Q: Who is Legacy Global?
A: For over 20 years Legacy’s creative solutions have helped donors and investors experience less paperwork, fewer taxes, more joy, and greater impact with the causes they care about the most. Legacy has worked with numerous foundations, corporations, and individual and family donors and investors around the world to deliver best-in-class solutions for administration, compliance, structuring, and delivery of impact opportunities in the philanthropic space.

Q: How do LOHAS and Legacy work together?
A:  Forming the ideal partnership, the LOHAS team provides “front office” services, directly supporting donors with their DAF setup as well as impact investing strategy and execution and helping impact ventures with their FSP setup as well as messaging and donor/investor engagement needs; while Legacy manages “back office” requirements and DAF and FSP management, including receipt and disbursement of all funds, issuance of tax documentation, state and federal compliance, accounting, and reporting.

Q: What agreements are required for a LOHAS DAF or FSP?
A:  There are two sets of agreements: the first is with Legacy to set up the new DAF or FSP, and the second is with LOHAS for the support services associated with the DAF or FSP. Notably, while a donor executes the DAF agreement with LOHAS, when setting up an FSP, LOHAS contracts with the new FSP, though the LOHAS support services agreement is also provided to the party setting up the FSP for full transparency.

Q: How can my organization establish a partnership with LOHAS?
A:  Please CONTACT US and share more details on how we might work together.