Investing in Social Impact Entertainment Using DAF Funds

by | Nov 21, 2023 | Thought Leadership

Have you ever dreamed of being recognized as a producer of a movie or other production? Donors now have an opportunity to do so by using donated funds to support socially and environmentally impactful entertainment productions that align with their values.

Unlock Your DAF and Have Fun with Purpose

Unlike most DAF sponsors that limit donors to making grants to nonprofits, or the handful of DAF sponsors that permit donors to do impact investing with their DAFs but restrict those activities with investment minimums or a pre-determined menu of approved recipients, LOHAS has unlocked the world of DAF impact investing, expanding it into the exciting world of social impact entertainment (SIE).


Entertainment productions can drive social change as they highlight narratives, shift attitudes, shape culture, and generate empathy. Environmental conservation, civil rights, and gender equality are only a few of the numerous impactful messages embedded in SIE productions.

Some of the types of SIE productions in which LOHAS clients can invest their DAF funds include:

  • Movies, Documentaries, Television
  • Live Theater and Concerts
  • Entertainment Financiers, Slate Funds, etc.
  • Studios and Streaming Services
  • Videogame Developers/Publishers
  • VR, AR, and Immersive Entertainment

Ready to explore impact investment in the exciting world of SIE? LET US HELP!

Become a Social Impact Entertainment Producer

Many people dream of earning a producer’s credit while helping to catalyze the production of a movie, video game, musical, or play that they care about. However, few understand that this dream is within their reach.

Read LOHAS Partner Will Nix’s article “Become a Social Impact Entertainment Producer” to learn how some donors use financial vehicles like Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) and receive producer credits for their investments in these productions while also receiving corresponding tax benefits.

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For Colored Girls is a choreo-poem featured on Broadway that garnered 7 Tony Award nominations with its celebration of the power of Black womanhood. LOHAS is proud to support the WOCStar Foundation and the producers of the show.

If you have a SIE production in mind, LOHAS can facilitate the investment of your donated capital. If not, LOHAS can also identify investment opportunities in the SIE space that reflect the causes most important to you.