Investor Strategies with Donor-Advised Funds to Create Impact and Returns

Answers to 6 Questions that Angel Investors Frequently Ask About Using DAFs

In this interactive webinar for the Seattle Angel Investor Workshop Series, LOHAS Partner Rick Davis explores various use cases related to donor-advised funds (DAFs). As the format for the discussion, he addresses 6 common questions often encountered while working with investors, social enterprises, and impact venture funds regarding the use of DAFs and other charitable tools; and he aligns the answers to those questions with corresponding use cases, ranging from basic introductions to DAFs to advanced applications.

The questions cover topics such as: 1) suitable investments for DAF funds, 2) inquiries companies should pose to investors concerning DAFs, 3) leveraging structures to de-risk investment positions, 4) strategies for family involvement in DAFs, 5) addressing investor concerns about bypassing potential future investment upside, and 6) exploring sophisticated strategies for obtaining tax deductions as well as financial returns through these philanthropic structures.

The webinar offers a comprehensive overview that spans introductory concepts to advanced considerations catering to a diverse audience involved in impact investing with an interest in how best to utilize tax-advantaged, charitable tools to maximize their returns and impact.