LOHAS Launches New Business

LOHAS is proud to announce the launch of its new business, which delivers innovative solutions to support impact investing and impact fundraising with donated capital. LOHAS is rethinking traditional philanthropic models and approaches, encouraging and enabling the deployment of donated funds to for-profit socially and environmentally impactful funds, companies, projects, and entertainment productions.

LOHAS is empowering the “next generation of philanthropy” through a suite of strategies and structures that support parties seeking to invest their donated capital into impact ventures as well as those raising capital to further their impactful endeavors. LOHAS and its clients recognize that directly investing in impact ventures is often better suited to deliver real, sustainable benefits over traditional, donation-based nonprofit models.

Donor-Advised Funds with Unique Flexibility

For parties wanting to impact invest with charitable donations, LOHAS’ donor-advised fund (“DAF”) is designed with maximum flexibility so donated capital can be invested in for-profit impact ventures no matter the cause, amount invested, or type of investment. LOHAS’ DAF not only accepts tax-deductible cash contributions but also offers tax offsets for appreciated public equities, privately held business interests, real estate, cryptocurrencies, and any asset with appraisable value.

Fund Manager Support & Unique Investment Access

Not sure how or where to do your impact investing? All LOHAS DAF accounts are assigned a fund manager to support your impact investment activities, which includes helping you develop impact investment criteria (cause, amount, risk appetite, etc.); find investment opportunities that meet your criteria; review opportunities you identify; and support execution of your transaction.

LOHAS also provides donors unique access to best-in-class Investment and Donation opportunities – all delivered with no minimum initial contribution or investment amounts.

Raise Donated Capital for Your For-Profit Venture or Fund

For impact funds, companies, projects, or entertainment productions looking to raise capital, LOHAS enables the receipt of donated funds that can then be invested in the impact venture. Join the many impact investment funds already using LOHAS’ fiscal sponsor program that now have a new tool in the fundraising toolbox to help galvanize their activities and further highlight the virtue of their causes.

LOHAS not only creates new nonprofit entities for our clients but also actively supports and promotes each charity, working hand-in-hand to develop their pitch and actively participating in fundraising activities. LOHAS delivers all of these services through a fee structure that is a fraction of the typical fiscal sponsorship program cost.


LOHAS is on a mission to unlock billions of dollars in philanthropic capital and support its deployment into for-profit impact ventures that deliver sustainable solutions to our social and environmental challenges. LOHAS is also combatting the lack of transparency in the traditional nonprofit world by creating and promoting 100% mission-aligned public charities that invest only in ventures supporting their cause.

LOHAS is not your parent’s charity. Persistent problems require innovative solutions. We can achieve greater outcomes through sustainable impact investment models. Explore LOHAS.ORG today to learn how.