Recognizing Outstanding Black Fund Managers and Investment Strategies on Juneteenth

UNITED STATES, Monday, June 20, 2022 / — On this Juneteenth, LOHAS would like to salute some of its many clients that are supporting Black investment fund managers and causes that empower Black communities:

  • The Endowment Commons is working to close the racial wealth gap and break down barriers to financial freedom for minorities by developing and investing in a complete portfolio of private and public market strategies aimed at solving the racial wealth gap. They believe that eradicating the racial wealth gap will solve the socio-economic issues that plague minority communities in the U.S. The types of funds supported by the Endowment Commons include market-leader FVLCRUM and Mercer’s Leap continuum.
  • The Ally Capital Collab Endowment supports a collection of four amazing venture capital funds managed by women of color investing in companies with diverse founders and leaders. The funds in which Ally invests are changing the trajectory for the economy through training, capacity building, technical assistance, and direct investment into funds committed to investing in inclusive entrepreneurs.
  • The Wocstar Foundation is changing the future of finance, entrepreneurship, media, and Social Impact Entertainment by amplifying the diverse voices of Women of Color. Wocstar supports inclusive stories and creatives who have something powerful to say and has invested in SimonSays Entertainment productions, including the seven-Tony-nominated for colored girls.
  • The BeDoWin360 Capital to Communities Program is a direct supporter of BeDoWin360 Capital, which is a purpose-driven investment fund and success accelerator supporting an inclusively prosperous American future by increasing the flow of monetary and relationship capital to the expanding universe of talented, diverse asset managers and entrepreneurs whose missions prioritize both financial returns and measurable social outcomes.
  • The New Future Foundation supports E2JDJ, a minority-led fund which invests in entrepreneurs that are leveraging resourceful, robust, and resilient technologies to innovate, disrupt, and move the world towards a reimagined and sustainable food system.
  • The Boyd Street Endowment Fund supports minority-led, venture-backed companies, with a focus on empowering race and gender-diverse company founders, and invests in Boyd Street Ventures, a minority-led fund connected to the University of Oklahoma.
  • Imprint Fund supports culturally diverse, fearless, and influential leaders who are intentional about transforming systemic conditions to create generational change for the new economy.
  • Yes, We Have! is focused on closing economic wealth gaps by supporting BIPOC entrepreneurs and their ecosystems through funding the growth and sustainability of BIPOC enterprises and their communities.

At LOHAS, we work with a wide variety of exciting impact investment funds addressing critical social issues, and on this important holiday, we are extremely proud to be associated with these great organizations.


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