Alex Fang


Alex Fang is a serial entrepreneur, social impact leader, startup mentor, and investor with nearly two decades of experience working in both for-profit and nonprofit social impact.

In the nonprofit sector, he co-founded Surf For Life, an international development organization that has helped over 600,000 children access clean water, shelter, and education. As a frequent for-profit entrepreneur, his most recent exit from a company he co-founded culminated in a $43 million acquisition.

Alex’s current projects include leading innovation partnerships at the Department of Energy’s climate-tech accelerator and serving on National Science Foundation panels to support the domestic innovation economy.

Alex is the Director of Social Impact at OneValley, where he works to help founders build more sustainable startups, and he has completed his coursework toward his Master’s in Sustainable Finance. Having written his thesis on impact investing using donor-advised funds, Alex has positioned himself as a thought leader at the intersection of philanthropy and impact investing.