Rick Davis


With extensive experience in the environmental and social impact sectors serving in strategy, business development, company funding, and project financing roles, Rick Davis’ professional career spans legal, technology, financial, and entrepreneurial pursuits, with leadership roles in venture-backed and publicly traded companies advising CEO’s, fund managers, developers, and governments around the world.

Rick graduated with honors from Rice University and has a JD, MBA, and Masters in Latin American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. After years practicing corporate law, he spent over a decade focused on sustainability initiatives, developing and financing projects in the cleantech, energy efficiency, and renewable energy sectors for commercial and industrial customers while charting strategic direction for various enterprises in the clean energy and water conservation sectors.

Among other environmental pursuits, Rick is an advisor to and an Investment Committee member of Deetken’s Caribbean Basin Sustainable Energy Fund, a $70 million investment fund focused on renewable energy projects and delivering social impact in Central America and the Caribbean. He remains dedicated to addressing energy resiliency and food security issues across the Caribbean Basin.

At LOHAS, Rick supports investors and donors to catalyze the flow of capital to socially and environmentally impactful venture and private equity funds, companies, projects, and entertainment productions and delivers strategies and solutions that help convert donor-advised funds, foundation grants, and other philanthropic contributions into impact investments.

Rick also works with and speaks frequently to the family office and impact investment communities on alternative investment strategies and under-leveraged sources of investment capital for use in impact investing. In cooperation with his LOHAS Partners, he has helped change the narrative on how tax-advantaged, philanthropic funds can be utilized to maximize both societal impact and financial return.