Cannes Film Festival 2024

Cannes Film Festival 2024

Join the LOHAS Partners at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France from May 14-25, 2024.

Featured Sessions

Reel Change: The Bright Future of Social Impact Film Financing

May 19, 2024 12:30 pm
Featuring LOHAS Partner Rick Davis

Come hear a discussion that explores the exciting landscape of film financing and social impact entertainment. The recent emergence of innovative financing mechanisms is revolutionizing the way films are funded while simultaneously driving meaningful societal change.

Discover how impact investors and producers are leveraging their resources to support filmmakers who are passionate about addressing pressing social issues. From crowdfunding platforms and impact investment funds to world-renowned foundations, donors, and high net-worth investors, the studio system is no longer the only funding game in town. 


  • Kayvan Mashayekh / Founder, Producers Without Borders
  • Robert Rippberger / Co-Founder, Social Impact Entertainment Society
  • Rick Davis / Managing Partner, LOHAS
  • Heather Mason / Founder, The Impact Lounge – Moderator


The Impact Lounge: Launched at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival, The Impact Lounge serves as a hub for the growing ecosystem of social impact entertainment, popping up wherever filmmakers and changemakers are present. Sign up at our website to hear where we are off to next.

Producers without BordersA global network of proven international producers who thrive on working and learning from one another in film, television and multi-media.

Social Impact Entertainment Society: The leading global alliance in Social Impact Entertainment. Our mission is to educate, connect and empower professionals in entertainment, non-profit and business to harness storytelling in all media for greater social good and measurable impact.

LOHAS: Operating at the intersection of impact investing and philanthropy, LOHAS enables the investment of donor-advised funds, foundation grants, and other charitable contributions into for-profit impact ventures.


PLEASE NOTE that you will need a Cannes Film Festival credential to enter the International Village where the American Pavilion is located. You will not be allowed in without one.

Additionally everyone will need to be on the RSVP list in order to enter the American Pavilion.

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