Impact Capitalism Summit Nantucket

Impact Capitalism Summit Nantucket

Join the LOHAS Partners at the 2024 Impact Capitalism Summit event in Nantucket, MA from July 15-17th.

Event Description

We hope can join us for the 11th annual Impact Capitalism Summit, hosted by Big Path Capital. This year’s theme, “Weaving Interconnected Capital Solutions into the Climate Tapestry“, is a call to action for investors to explore innovative and integrated approaches to address the climate crisis. The metaphor of a tapestry suggests the complex and interconnected nature of climate change and the various solutions required to mitigate its impacts.

Overall, the summit aims to inspire investors to embrace a holistic approach to climate action, recognizing the interconnectedness of financial, environmental, and social goals. By weaving together diverse capital solutions, investors can contribute significantly to the collective effort to address the climate crisis and build a more sustainable future.”

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